CREATION 1:1 - 6 weeks exclusiv with Doris

What are you asking for in your life?

What is it that you like or want to achieve in your life?
Are you already living the life you desire or do you feel like you're on the racetrack of your life with the handbrake on?

Do you want to finally get going and get all your PS on the road, unfold your true potential and show what's really in you?

Doris accompanies you 1: 1 for 6 weeks - that means exclusively YOU, on your way to your personal goal.

Doris unmasked in a great and sensitive way your beliefs that keep you from getting into your true greatness and unfolding your true potential.

Which topics are of particular interest to you:
Self-love, relationships, business, money, success?

What are you waiting for? How easy and joyful may this path be?
Become an irresistible you - unstoppable and successful in your life

These 6 weeks include:

  • 4 sessions of 1 hour each
  • 2 Symphony of Possibilities sessions á 30min



Occasionally I send out emails that contain tools, inspirational content & info about my upcoming classes.