A Little Rebellion Goes a Long Way In Business (and Life)

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2019

Most entrepreneurs and business owners would create more for themselves and their business if they allowed themselves to rebel. 

According to the dictionary, rebellion is the action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention. Being a rebel means believing and trusting in yourself so that you will not blindly follow the status quo or what others expect from you or project onto you as the ‘right’ way to do or be. Being a rebel also allows you to question everything you choose and ask why? Whose rules are you following? Are you creating something in your business that works for you or are you creating it to suit others? 

Being a rebel is a strength, not a weakness. Your ability to rebel — to live out your difference even if it means standing out from the crowd — is a superpower that will create your life, your business, and your future if you step into that power and use it to your advantage.

Sometimes, that which...

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Stop Fighting for Success and Start Living it Out

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

How much of your life have you determined and defined what success is by what other people presented to you and taught you? “You’ve got to prove yourself,” “You’ve got to fight to get to the top,” “Nothing worth having is easy!”

If you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall trying to break through in your career or business, you may be unwittingly undoing yourself by functioning from the idea that you have to fight for every bit of success you get. 

The problem with the fight to succeed is that it’s based on fighting against – fighting against failure, against obstacles, against inequalities, discrimination, limitations. When we feel the need to fight to make our way, all our attention and energy goes to the conflict, leaving very little energy for the actual creation of our goals or targets. 

So, if you don’t fight for success, what are your other options? Drop your dukes and try these 5...

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Profiles of Success with Doris Schachenhofer.

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2019

What’s the name of your company? What exactly does your company do, how do you help people?

My business is called Being You with Doris Schachenhofer. Being You is the basis of everything, no matter what you are interested to work on: change or growth, relationships, business, money or body.

In my offerings, I invite people to choose to be themselves and to find out what it means to be you, and to create from this platform of lightness and joy. In doing so, life becomes ease-filled – and you become irresistible, which is a crucial element for the creation of your life and business.

“What if you don't need to change anything but be able to choose everything?”

What were the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them? 

I am a strong believer in possibilities and growing from choice. Challenges are possibilities to grow and out-create yourself.

What if you could never fail? What if you always ask: what is right about this I...

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The Key to Being More Interesting and Influential

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2019

We are in the middle of really important social and cultural movements right now—movements that have the power to change our future. These movements are generated and supported by conversations that change how we see the world, ourselves, and each other.

How do we gain interest in what we have to say, and become influential in the workplace, in our business communities and beyond? How can we begin to create the kind of situations and conversations that make a real difference?

Many of us face the challenge of knowing that something else is possible, but not knowing how to implement it. If you find yourself over and over again not making the impact you would like, feeling unheard and unseen, thinking that no one has an interest in what you have to say, or that you have no influence in processes, conversations and decisions – it isn’t necessarily because you lack the ability, it is probably because you have been mistakenly taught about what really creates influence...

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Silent Communication: Honoring the Space Between the Words

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

Honoring the space and silence between words can oftentimes be the most effective form of communication

The space between the words is immense and fertile. It has energy and information and communicates with us, sometimes even better than words.

There is so much being said between the words that often, it is unheard and ignored.  

Energy is our first language. Babies start out communicating solely with energy. As parents we know we need to listen to that energy and to what our baby is communicating, but we often mistrust that knowing, telling ourselves that we have to ‘think’ about it. Then, when our child starts to verbalize, we lose or discount our knowing as we learn to fill the space with words that can often be misunderstood.  

Have you ever had a relationship where you could catch each other’s eye and communicate volumes without words? You are using the space between the words — that magical communication.


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Shut Up and Listen: Your Success Depends on It

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2019

Do you wish to have greater success and ease in any area of your life? Is your life out of balance? Are you feeling overwhelmed? What if I told you, “shut up and listen!”? Though this might sound rude, it might be the key and what you need to hear.

 When you hear “shut up and listen” what does that invoke in you? Does it make you want to stop, listen closely, and take in what others are saying? Perhaps not. In spite of that though, I really want to encourage you to listen to what is in the silence. What are people saying when they don’t say anything at all? I also want to encourage you to listen to what you know – your inner voice – your intuition.

How often do you listen to someone else’s ideas about life instead of trusting yourself? We grab the latest self-help book and follow the instructions without asking ourselves if the advice will assist us personally or even tie into our own way of living.

 Take a...

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How To Deal With Difficult Colleagues

business workplace Dec 06, 2018

When it comes to dealing with difficult people in life, we often try to prepare for the worst and make a plan of attack. The common attitude is, “Oh no! I have a problem; how do I fix it?”

Handling troublesome colleagues in the workplace can have its own set of unique challenges – projects, people and processes can become affected, not to mention your own sense of well-being and job enjoyment.

Is it possible to have a “battle plan” for dealing with colleagues and create a beneficial outcome for all without turning the workplace into a war-zone? Thankfully, yes. With some simple tactics and a shift in perspective, you can turn the tables on difficult colleagues and have more ease among your business relationships.

Don’t doubt yourself or take it personally

A colleague going out of their way to fight you can be very disconcerting. When I first experienced it myself, I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. 

This person would be nice...

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How To Deal With Difficult And Toxic People You Can't Avoid

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2018

From colleagues with petty jealousies, controlling micro-managers and rude customers, to straight up verbal abuse, unwanted attention and bullying — with a recent American Working Conditions Survey citing that nearly one in five employees are exposed to hostility or harassment in their social environment at work. Chances are you too are being faced with difficult or even toxic people. There will always be people who will not play nice, and at this point in time, learning to deal with toxic people in ways that don’t alter our enjoyment of life and work is going to be a much more effective tactic than hoping and believing that people should stop acting up.

Check your mental attitude

The first step to better dealing with difficult people is checking that we have not fallen into a victim mindset. Indicated by the feeling or belief that we are powerless to change it, or that we must confront and fight our way out of a corner, a victim mentality creates us as essentially...

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Is Your Label Trapping You?

It all changed for me when I was a social worker and realized that it wasn’t only my clients — troubled teenagers, challenged adults and people with prison sentences — who were trapped by their life conditions and labels such as poor, uneducated, addict or criminal.

I, too, was trapped in my role as mother and wife in a small country town, feeling isolated and depressed. My husband was unwilling to move, so to honor my truth I was forced to make a difficult decision, leaving the kids with their father in their country town home.

There is so much judgement around how a mum “should” be, how a wife “should” be, and it all felt small and limited to me. I felt stuck, like I was in a cave and I wanted to have myself in my life and be happy again, for me and for the kids. It required a lot of courage and trust in myself, to protect myself against the judgement people project at me, my kids and my ex-husband. I adore them and without us all trying...

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Is the Only Right way to Mother from Home with your Kids?

I had this wonderful dream of being the most perfect stay at home mom—cooking my children the most wonderful meals, doing the most fun activities, having the best toys for them, playing and doing handicrafts and educating my kids with the best material. Basically, I would be the greatest mom imaginable.

After the first couple of year of motherhood, I realized that I was not fitting into my own expectations and projections or being the perfect mom. Motherhood did not look and feel like I thought it would, and many times it was not what I decided it should be! Most often I felt really wrong for not achieving my own goals of motherhood and I made myself feel worse by constantly comparing myself to other moms.

My neighbor had four kids in six years and loves being a stay home mom. She sometimes has my two kids at her house in the afternoon too, and she has so much ease with all those kids! She cooks every day, helps them with homework, organizes the whole family and keeps a...

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