How To Deal With Difficult And Toxic People You Can't Avoid

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2018

From colleagues with petty jealousies, controlling micro-managers and rude customers, to straight up verbal abuse, unwanted attention and bullying — with a recent American Working Conditions Survey citing that nearly one in five employees are exposed to hostility or harassment in their social environment at work. Chances are you too are being faced with difficult or even toxic people. There will always be people who will not play nice, and at this point in time, learning to deal with toxic people in ways that don’t alter our enjoyment of life and work is going to be a much more effective tactic than hoping and believing that people should stop acting up.

Check your mental attitude

The first step to better dealing with difficult people is checking that we have not fallen into a victim mindset. Indicated by the feeling or belief that we are powerless to change it, or that we must confront and fight our way out of a corner, a victim mentality creates us as essentially choice-less and eliminates the ability to see beyond a “fight or flight” response. Is there any part where you see yourself as powerless, wronged, or needing to fight against the people or situation?

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