Silent Communication: Honoring the Space Between the Words

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

Honoring the space and silence between words can oftentimes be the most effective form of communication

The space between the words is immense and fertile. It has energy and information and communicates with us, sometimes even better than words.

There is so much being said between the words that often, it is unheard and ignored.  

Energy is our first language. Babies start out communicating solely with energy. As parents we know we need to listen to that energy and to what our baby is communicating, but we often mistrust that knowing, telling ourselves that we have to ‘think’ about it. Then, when our child starts to verbalize, we lose or discount our knowing as we learn to fill the space with words that can often be misunderstood.  

Have you ever had a relationship where you could catch each other’s eye and communicate volumes without words? You are using the space between the words — that magical communication.

What if that space between the words was filled with gratitude or happiness? 




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