How To Deal With Difficult Colleagues

business workplace Dec 06, 2018

When it comes to dealing with difficult people in life, we often try to prepare for the worst and make a plan of attack. The common attitude is, “Oh no! I have a problem; how do I fix it?”

Handling troublesome colleagues in the workplace can have its own set of unique challenges – projects, people and processes can become affected, not to mention your own sense of well-being and job enjoyment.

Is it possible to have a “battle plan” for dealing with colleagues and create a beneficial outcome for all without turning the workplace into a war-zone? Thankfully, yes. With some simple tactics and a shift in perspective, you can turn the tables on difficult colleagues and have more ease among your business relationships.

Don’t doubt yourself or take it personally

A colleague going out of their way to fight you can be very disconcerting. When I first experienced it myself, I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. 

This person would be nice...

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Top Tips to Break Free of The Labels, Stereotypes and Judgements That Trap Us.

Are you interested in creating a business that works fr you and not feeling wrong about it?

There are so many labels, stereotypes and judgements about doing and being in business: you work to hard (or not hard enough), you don't earn enough (or you charge too much), you don't take enough time "off" to relax or spend enough time with family and friends. Maybe you don't fit into the "normal" ideas of working either: business hours 9-5 Monday to Friday, no work Saturday and Sunday then start again on Monday with no joy or excitement because it's "work, and therefore not meant to be fun.

If you are in business for yourself, you're probably already aware that you are different from others when it comes to business and have maybe struggled with judgements and reactions around you because of it. 

I have changed jobs frequently and love working a lot, no matter what time of day it is or how much in the day! People judged me as indecisive and a workaholic which left me feeling confused...

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