The Truth Will Set You Free.

In a world in constant conflict about what is good, bad, right, and wrong - it’s no wonder it can seem impossible to find our own sense of truth among all the defined standards, judgments and expectations! When do you stop listening to what the world tells you is right and begin listening to what you know is right, true and authentic for you?

Judgements are essentially all the values, ideals, points of view and perspectives we are entrained to adopt as our own from the moment we are born. We rarely question their validity, absorbing them unconsciously, and when we discover that we don’t fit in with those judgments, rather than acknowledging our difference and seeking our truth, we assume something is very wrong with us and invalidate ourselves for not being able to fit in with everybody else’s points of view.

Have you noticed how judgement always seems to diminish your true sense of self? Judgment also destroys our joy and sense of freedom to choose what truly...

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